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UK Grower Of The Year Awards 2015


Bravery rewarded

You need courage to switch over to new technologies, particularly during times when it is hard to invest. In the UK the best manufacturers are honored for their performances every year. On Wednesday, 25 February 2015 the winners of the UK Grower Awards 2015 will be announced. No fewer than two of our customers from the UK have been nominated: R&L Holt and Stockbridge Technology Centre (STC).


We are proud that our customers have been nominated and that their entrepreneurship and innovative strength are being recognized. We would therefore like to congratulate R&L Holt on its nomination for the Best Business Innovation and UK Salad Grower of the Year categories. STC has been nominated for the David Piccaver Science Award, the special award of 2015.


R&L Holt

Philips has been working with R&L Holt for some time to optimize their tomato yield with LED interlighting modules. R&L Holt is a perfect example of an innovative company that dares to take the step to using new technologies. We admire the perseverance and willpower of Rick, Laura and Roly Holt for their progressive way of working. "You’ve got to keep up to date and embrace new technology if you think it’s the right thing for your business,” says Laura Holt, co-founder of R&L Holt.

+ Why Holt invested in LED interlighting


Stockbridge Technology Centre
STC has for years occupied a leading position with its innovative closed multilayer LED4CROPS facility, providing a springboard to closed cultivation/city farming. It recently started using the new lighting system in the greenhouse. With this system LEDs are used for top lighting and interlighting in combination with high-pressure sodium lamps (HPS) and a specially treated diffuse glass.


STC’s various facilities use 90% less water than normal outdoor production, and crops are less sensitive to plagues, diseases and viruses. Scientific director Dr. Martin McPherson of STC says: “As the world’s population grows, the will be more mouths to feed. This means that the crop production systems need to become more efficient and there will have to be greater emphasis on increasing local production. LED technology as supplied in this case by Philips offers horticulture the opportunity to bring this about. Our objective is to help growers in the United Kingdom to meet today’s and tomorrow’s production challenges.”

+ STC is raising the roof to light up the future


David Piccaver Science Award
The David Piccaver Science Award is the special award in 2015 and will be presented to the organization or organizations working collaboratively and creating innovation through research into profitable practice within the horticultural community. The jury will look at factors such as the business benefits of the research, its impact on professional production practice, its impact on plant and crop health, innovation and meeting market needs.

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