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Helping your business
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Our approach


We understand that every business is unique and needs a different solution. In all our years of experience in horticulture, not one project was exactly the same. Every grower has a unique situation and needs a custom made solution.


How does a collaboration with Philips Horticulture LED Solutions work?


Step 1: What is your business need?


To find out what added value LED could offer for you, our account managers and/or partners take care of a quality intake. What would you like to achieve with LED? You want to increase production, use less energy or have year-round yield? Contact one of our account managers to discuss your needs and see which solutions we can offer. 

Step 2: Light recipe


Based on what you want to achieve, our plant experts will be involved to set up a custom made light recipe for your crop and growing situation to best fit your desired results. Their existing knowledge and field tests with our plant recipe partners, give them the experience to make custom made light recipes for different situations.


Step 3: Product and application advise


Every product has its own capabilities and effects on the plant, and every light recipe makes them unique. How does the ideal lighting solution fit in your business to optimally and cost effectively implement the solution in your situation?

Step 4: Business case and financing  


You must be able to make money with the LED investment. Therefore we provide you with a business calculation, which includes the repayment term of the investment and the financial benefits you can save and earn over time. We are also actively helping you with financing the investment. 


Step 5: Agreement, delivery and installation


Philips has chosen to deliver the service close to the grower, therefore Philips has a network of horticultural LED partners and dealers. Next to their already great prove points, the Philips LED Horti partners are specially trained by our own plant physiologists and application engineers.

Step 6: Implementation check


Our application engineers will visit and do light measurements to see if the application is working and whether the promised values are achieved. Together with our plant specialists and account managers the plants are examined and analyzed.


Step 7: Follow up


When you are part of Philips’ network, our account managers or plant specialists will keep in touch to see how your business is doing. We seek long-term relationships in which we bring growers together to collaboratively share knowledge about growing with LED, to take high-tech horticulture to the next level.

Our know-how & support


Our account managers, plant specialists and application engineers are trained in the key horticultural countries to provide you with the best solution for your specific situation.

Plant specialists


Philips Horticulture’s plant physiologists are some of the best partners a grower can have when it comes to using LED lighting in artificially lit cultivation, because they are specialized in growing crops under artificial light.

Application engineers


Our application engineers build the technical light solution, using the team as information building blocks. They provide support during the subsidy application process, and after-care in the form of answers to technical and botanical questions.

Key Account Managers


Our accounts managers are the first point of contact for the grower. They can explain how the solution process works and what a LED solution can do for you and your business needs.

Where to buy


Our horticulture LED lighting products are available for commercial installations and are sold through a global network of certified partners. Please contact a partner in your area for information on purchasing Philips LED products for your commercial horticulture project.


Where to buy


IPM – Essen, Germany

24-27 January


Fruit Logistica – Berlin, Germany

8-10 February


HortiContact – Gorinchem, The Netherlands

14-16 February

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