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Philips Lighting and Armstrong® TechZone® Ceiling Systems


Philips Lighting is a TechZone™ Ceiling System compatible partner.Armstrong's TechZone™ Ceiling System is an integrated system that organizes lighting, diffusers and sprinklers in linear, 6-inch-wide technical "zone" pre-qualified for fit and finish.


Now you can zone out the random clutter of technical services. The TechZone™ Ceiling System organizes lighting, diffusers and sprinklers into compact 6" technical zones. This innovative integration of function and design provides a custom, monolithic, uncluttered ceiling visual using large-size Optima™ ceiling panels to create the field. And because it's a system of standard components that have been pre-qualified for fit and finish, you avoid the long lead times, design incompatibilities and other hassles associated with custom ceiling systems.

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