Turn on your lights
Triggered by your motion

Philips Hue white ambiance

Get started with the Philips Hue white ambiance starter kit and enjoy natural white light for any moment of your day, from sunrise to sunset. Control via your smart device, the included wireless switch, and connect to wearables.

Learn about Hue
with Jonathan Morrison

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Turn on

There is more to lighting than illumination. Therefore we created Philips Hue, your personal wireless lighting system. A simple product built around you, designed for real life and all its potential. Life is what you make of it. So go on. Play around. Explore. Feel the control but let go every once in a while. Turn on your life with light.
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Meet the new
Philips Hue app

Designed around you, your home and your everyday life.


Philips Hue meets
Apple HomeKit

Go beyond limits. The new Philips Hue Bridge enables all your Philips Hue lights to work with Apple HomeKit technology. Turn your existing Philips Hue lights into Apple HomeKit controllable lights, discover the new possibilities with Siri voice control, and link Philips Hue to other Apple HomeKit enabled accessories via third party apps.

Shape light
your way

Meet the new Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus, the most flexible light source imaginable. Shape light any way you want it and extend it up to 32 feet in length to light up your room with smooth, indirect light.
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