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Philips Advance

HID Kits



2015 Autumn Advantage HID Stocking Program


Earn up to $150 on select Philips HID Lamps OR up to $250 on select Philips Advance HID Ballasts with our Autumn Advantage HID Stocking Programs! Program runs from September 1 through October 31, 2015.

HID Ballast Autumn Advantage Stocking Program

To qualify, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!


  1. Place a stocking order of Philips Advance HID Ballast Replacement Kits or VAL-U-PAK Plus HID Lamp and Ballast Replacement Kits ** through customer service, EDI or Inside Advance. 
  2. Mark your purchase order with the promotion code: "Autumn". This code is not required for orders placed through EDI or Inside Advance.
  3. Submit your completed Official Ballast Autumn Advantage Promotion Claim Form through one of the following three options to qualify for your AMEX® rewards:

    • Submit online claim form
    • Email PhilipsLightingUS1@philips.com
    • Fax 1-855-638-1522

    You must submit this promotion claim form separately in order to receive your rewards.

Philips Advance Ballast Kit

These best selling ballast kits are solid performers – both in the field and in generating a high return on your inventory investments.
Ballast Replacement Kits are one of the most installer-friendly kits on the market, featuring pre-wired components and industry exclusive pre-insulated input voltage leads. VAL-U-PAK Plus Kits include a system-matched lamp and provide the complete package needed to service an HID fixture.

VAL-U-PAK Plus kits

  • Includes a system-matched lamp and provide the complete package needed to service an HID fixture.

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