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Whether you’re looking for a source of inspiration or a reliable partner, Philips Lighting has the cost-effective, creative solutions you need to bring your lighting demands to life. Get the quality Philips portfolio of brands you’ve always trusted, with an approach that’s unique and inspired by you.

Popular installations

Joy Station
Photo credits:
Petar Cholakov
festival of light
Photo credit:
James McCauley

Philips Luminaire Brands

A broad range of exit and emergency lighting products for day-to-day and architectural life-safety applications.

Award-winning LED connected lighting solutions that create dramatic and dynamic lighting for indoor and outdoor applications.

Affordable and energy efficient stand-alone and connected lighting solutions for general purpose commercial or industrial projects.

Innovative, energy-saving luminaires that offer professional lighting designers and specifiers a high quality, stylish alternative for outdoor spaces.

Landscape and outdoor lighting solutions to suit any commercial or residential project which require curb appeal and creating a sense of security.

Award-winning, inspiring, and innovative lighting solutions that allow specifiers to create a unique vision for commercial and institutional buildings.

Environmentally-friendly, efficient indoor track and downlighting solutions that perfectly blend aesthetic and performance for any budget.

Contemporary and traditional luminaire styles that blend form and function in roadway and outdoor urban lighting.

Broad selection of reliable and affordable general purpose outdoor luminaires that are easy to install, long lasting and energy efficient.

Publications created just for you

Luminous Spec - This visually-inspiring newsletter provides the lighting specification community with opportunities to hear from other lighting designers, see innovative ways to use lighting, learn about the latest product advancements, and read about important industry information.

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Recent Innovations


Parking from confidence

Philips Gardco SoftView LED parking garage luminaires feature edge lit technology, providing visual comfort with minimal glare to enhance the user experience.

Style your budget with love

Philips Ledalite FloatPlane LED luminaires provide sleek and sporty style with two profile options – Curve and Edge. The suspended and wall mount luminaires have a low profile design (1.2”h x 8”w) and distribution options that range from 70% up to 75% down to 100% down.

The future is clear

ClearGuide Technology is vertically mounted and light is distributed through a light guide with precision rings. This allows light to be optimally distributed for maximum spacing and target lumens without directly exposing viewers to the LED.
CLUE Competition

CLUE Competition

The CLUE (Community Lighting for the Urban Environment) competition expects to further position itself inside the larger community of lighting professionals and continue on the route of being an internationally recognized leader in the design community.

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