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    Luminous Spec

    Specifiers are invited to enjoy this visually-inspiring newsletter. Learn about fellow lighting designers, gain inspiration from notable lighting projects, check out the latest product and technology advancements, and stay up-to-date with important industry information. For the complete Luminous Spec archive, click here.

    Current Edition: Fall 2018

    Published in October 2018

    “If we find the right balance between light, surfaces and materials, we can create beauty in any space.”


    - Jill Cody


    What's inside...

    Central Station, Milan, Spain

    The Diner

    Central Station, Milan, Spain
    jill cody

    Jill Cody

    Principle at Dark Light Design
    PIK Avenue

    PIK Avenue

    North Jakarta, Indonesia



    Architects, engineers, lighting designers, and other specifying lighting industry professionals looking to stay abreast of the latest LED technology trends and information will benefit from these educational programs while earning CEU/AIA LU credits.


    "Lighting Trends and Technology Update" takes place at the Lighting Application Center (LAC) in the company’s headquarters in Somerset, NJ.


    Update on the latest LED lighting technologies from the various Philips Lighting brands and relevant industry information.


    "Lighting Excellence Workshop" is an education program designed to provide an arsenal of technical knowledge and know-how from the luminaire sites and brands they represent:


    Explore the factory and lab facilities and get a “behind the scenes” understanding of what makes these key products stand out.

    NOTE: By invitation only. Participants must register by contacting your sales representative or inquiring at PhilipsUniversity.
    November 16
    Presented by Peter A. Hugh
    November 20
    Presented by Eric Woods and Barbara Kreissler
    December 6
    Presented by Maarten Jamin, Vesna Petresin, Gernot Oberfell
    January 17
    Presented by Kamiel Spoelstra, Steven Lockley
    February 20
    Presented by Dr. Emrah Baki Ulas

    Industry trends

    PoE connected lighting for offices

    PoE Lighting for Offices. Why Smart Buildings?


    Companies must embrace the digital disruption to stay relevant, profitable and attract talent. 

    So what does this mean for the real estate world? Internet of Things (IoT) is the central tenet of smart buildings where devices collect and share data about themselves, their users, their environments, and the other devices with which they connect. This data provides insights allowing businesses to maximize energy savings, optimize space and improve employee wellbeing and productivity.


    Connected Lighting: Beyond Illumination


    Imagine a world of beautifully illuminated indoor and outdoor spaces. Where every light point is connected to an intelligent system that delivers high-quality, reliable illumination and that serves as a pathway for information and services  to deliver extraordinary value beyond illumination to the users and managers of spaces.

    Philips LiFi Systems

    Introducing Philips LiFi Systems


    Take wireless internet connectivity to the next level when WiFi is limited.

    Wireless access to the internet or internal networks has become the standard in the global market. But with countless more connected devices and expansion of Internet of Things (IoT), shared bandwidth is already creating interference and security problems for some of our customers.

    Philips LiFi systems offer a new way to connect wirelessly using LED light.


    IALD Enlighten Americas Conference 

    18th Annual IALD Enlighten Americas Conference


    Over 400 specifiers attended the 18th annual IALD Enlighten Americas conference held on October 11-13 in downtown Seattle’s Motif Hotel. At this premier industry venue, attendees learned about very relevant topics and trends from prominent professionals during seminars and workshops, and also had the opportunity to network with architectural lighting design peers and meet emerging lighting design professionals. The Signify sponsored reception took place at Pike Brewing Company in Seattle’s in the renowned Pike Place Market neighborhood and made for a perfect closing evening to the event.

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