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Philips wants you to think differently about how lighting can create value for your customers, and how Philips can help you be more successful growing your business through the impact lighting has on your customers’ business.


Philips Lighting luminaires, lamps, and controls allow you to:

  • Satisfy your customers
  • Meet project deadlines
  • Maximize profits
  • Quickly move on to new business

Going beyond “we can convert your lighting to LED”.

The simple Philips Lighting Retrofit Tool is designed as a business tool to help Electrical Contractors:

  1. Quickly audit an existing facility
  2. Evaluate existing and potential lighting system upgrades
  3. Customize and build your lighting project
  4. Automatically link proposed solutions to utility incentives
  5. Develop a business case that creates value for your customer
  6. Can seamlessly be used with a smartphone, tablet, and computer
  7. Create professional proposals with your company logo and information
  8. Effectively manage your labor risks: survey, design, evaluation, building the proposal, and installation


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