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Nourishing the mind and body 

through tranquil illumination

Neway Fertility Clinic

New York, NY


This premier fertility services practice wanted to project a welcoming atmosphere that reflected their natural, holistic values while also soothing patients under stressful and often emotional circumstances.

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We want to make an

impact in our patients’ lives,

and also make an impact in their overall experience here at Neway,” notes Clarence Klugh, Marketing Coordinator at Neway. “Lighting certainly plays a role in this. The effect is often subconscious, but it does make a difference.”


- Clarence Klugh, Marketing Coordinator at Neway

Neway Fertility Clinic Case Study

Customer challenge


Neway Fertility, a leading fertility services clinic in New York City, emphasizes natural approaches and individualized patient care with respect to sensitive family planning and fertility matters. When completely renovating an 85,000 square foot, five story brownstone in Manhattan’s historic Upper West Side neighborhood as part of the clinic’s expansion and relocation in January 2016. they carefully considered every aspect of the space – from color scheme to furniture placement, exam room layout and even lighting – to ensure that their patients were as comfortable as possible. 

Neway Fertility Clinic

The right lighting


Upon entering the building, Philips luminous textile panels in the reception area serve as a warm yet refreshing welcome for Neway’s visitors and patients, and set a comfortable tone for the day’s appointment. This expressive atmosphere flows throughout the facility, where Philips Ledalite TruGroove LED recessed luminaires, Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED recessed luminaires and Philips Lightolier LyteProfile LED downlight luminaires are incorporated in areas such as administrative offices, labs, and exam and consultation rooms, to make sure that the task at hand is properly illuminated while ensuring comfort for those in the space.


Neway uses the most advanced lab technologies and treatment methods, and also emphasizes the importance of caring for the mind. A unique Mind & Body room engages all the senses, with specialized seating, aromatherapy, on-screen visuals, music and, of course, calming lighting. Additionally, Eastern wellbeing practices, like yoga and acupuncture help to round out the holistic approach. Clarence says, “All of this helps to prepare the patient’s body and mind to help improve the chances of success when trying to conceive.”


Staff and patient impressions of the entire renovation have been very positive, and Clarence also appreciates the support and responsiveness they received from Philips during the renovation and after project completion.

Luminous Textile

Luminous textile


Create breathtaking interior spaces with one solution. Luminous textile integrates multi-coloured LEDs seamlessly within beautiful fabric panels that also soften sound. 


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LyteProfile P4RDCC Fixture

Philips Lifgholier LyteProfile LED downlights


LyteProfile LED downlights are designed for new construction and include downlight and wall wash distributions


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Versaform LED

Philips Ledalite VersaForm recessed LED


VersaForm - Clean harmonious style and superior performance in a seamless upgradable design.


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TGIII ProductImageTrio

Philips Ledalite TruGroove LED


Philips Ledalite TruGroove LED surface, suspended, and wall offers unparalleled light distribution for the utmost flexibility and visual comfort


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Whole body, whole

mind perspective

The Team

Clarence Klugh

Marketing Coordinator

Ellyn Freed