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Las Olas

City Centre,

Fort Lauderdale,

Florida, USA


Discover how LED lighting is adding fresh character to a busy building block


Philips color kinetic lighting at Las Olas City Center

Already a very

and well-maintained building, the Las Olas building now stands out amongst the city's various towers as a leader in sustainability, defining Fort Lauderdale as a forward-thinking market.”


- Gavin Cooper, Vice President, LED Source

Philips color kinetic lighting at Las Olas City Center

Customer challenge


Towering above the streets of Fort Lauderdale is a charismatic building complex: the Las Olas City Centre. The 23-story superstructure is instantly recognizable thanks to the 12.8m pyramid at its peak. Could an exciting lighting upgrade help the building to stand out at night?

Philips color kinetic lighting at Las Olas City Center

The right lighting 


The Las Olas City Centre building was already well-established as a nerve center for commerce in Fort Lauderdale. However, the building’s property manager, Stiles, sought to differentiate the building from its many competitors. A state-of-the-art lighting system would maximize the building’s presence in the city while helping the company to meet sustainability goals. The company also wanted to enhance the street-level lighting on Las Olas Boulevard, to attract patrons and complement adjacent nightclubs, restaurants, and shops.


To light the monumental structure, a futuristic fixture was chosen: ColorGraze Powercore linear LED. The lights were applied in four key areas around the building. 242 were installed around the ziggurat (pyramid) in varying lengths. The fixtures were positioned to focus all available light on the "steps" of the ziggurat, to highlight its form and making it stand out in the night sky.


At roof level, 32 ColorBlast Powercore LED wash fixtures illuminate the architectural setbacks on the building. This arrangement visually accents the pyramid structure while creating a sense of depth. The team used eight ColorReach Powercore gen2 LED floodlights to illuminate the east, south, and west façades, and an additional eight fixtures to illuminate the five-story parking garage façade. With the new lights in place, the Centre now stands out from surrounding structures and attracts attention from citizen and visitors alike. The difference is night and day.


Thanks to the flexibility of the ColorGraze fixtures, Las Olas City Centre can adapt its lighting to promote charitable causes, holidays, and significant events throughout the year. What’s more, the new lights will reduce annual power usage by 77%, saving $26,897 per year.

  • ColorGraze MX Powercore
    ColorGraze MX Powercore
    • Superior light quality, consistency and output thanks to Philips Color Kinetics Optibin and Chromasync technologies
    • Simple installation and long run lengths enabled by Powercore technology
    • Static and dynamic lighting effects can be designed, displayed and changed via Philips Color Kinetics controllers

Philips color kinetic 

lighting at Las Olas
City Center


The Team

Gavin Cooper, LED Source

Lighting designer



John DiDomenico, LED Source


Judy Carter, Stiles Property Management

Project manager

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