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Lighting for Retail Gas Stations

Philips Gas Station Lighting
Your gas station could be operating with lower energy costs and better lighting. Let’s make it happen.

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Lighting a gas station

Our solutions are designed to bring out the best in your gas station without making any glaring errors in terms of energy efficiency.

Lighting a gas station

Mini 300 LED Gen-2

A light-on-demand solution for under-canopy lighting that ensures optimal visual conditions while enabling huge energy savings.

Mini 300 LED Gen-2

Retrofit today and benefit!

Philips brings global innovation leadership, cost-effective lighting expertise and advanced lighting products…right to your gas station.


Gas Station Brochure

Gas Station Lighting Brochure

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Retail lighting products
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Wide-Lite has introduced its second generation LED luminaire designed specifically for Gas Station Under Canopy applications, the Mini 300 LED Gen-2.

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